July 19, 2024
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Resume Design:  Tips and Templates

You need a resume.  It’s a standard career document.  In our business, the resume is a necessary input, and we’ve worked with a bagillion of them.  As a result, we have obtained a tremendous amount of experience distinguishing between resumes that work well for accounting and finance jobs, and those that do not.  Armed with these tips and templates below, you will be on your way to having a resume that gets better results.  In fact, we know from testimonials that this information has helped a great number of professionals like you. 


Resume 1  (Enhanced Chronological format),  PDF file
Resume 1  (Enhanced Chronological format),  MS Word file

Resume 2  (Enhanced Chronological format),  PDF file
Resume 2  (Enhanced Chronological format),  MS Word file
Resume 3  (Enhanced Chronological format),  PDF file
Resume 3  (Enhanced Chronological format),  MS Word file
Resume 4  (Enhanced Chronological format),  PDF file
Resume 4  (Enhanced Chronological format),  MS Word file
Resume 5  (Chronological format),  PDF file
Resume 5  (Chronological format),  MS Word file
Resume 6  (Combination format),  PDF file
Resume 6  (Combination format),  MS Word file

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a.       Interview Preparation

b.       Career Decisions

c.       Job Transition

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