July 19, 2024
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A Stronger Resume Will Increase Your Odds

by Robert Belcher

The recommendation of a barracuda recruiter can go a long way toward expediting and locking in the interview you want.  However, you’ll also need the right qualifications and a dynamite resume in order enhance your odds of getting the job you want.

In today’s competitive employment market, your resume has to quickly stand out in order to get the attention of the decision maker and create a strong impression.  And later on, when you meet the prospective employer face to face, a strong resume will act as a valuable tool during the interviewing process.


The best way to prepare a dynamite resume is not to change the facts – just make them more presentable.  This can be accomplished in two ways:

1.       By strengthening the content of your resume; and

2.       By enhancing its appearance

Although there’s no federal regulatory agency like the FDA or FCC to act as a watchdog, I consider it to be ethical common sense to honestly and clearly document credentials.  In other words, don’t make exaggerated claims about your past.  At the same time, we provide our resume tips and templates to encourage and help you to not undersell yourself either.


Remember, your resume is written for the employer, not for you.  Its main purpose, once in the hands of the reader, is to quickly answer the following questions:

A.        How do you present yourself to others?

B.        What have you done in the past?

C.        And what are you likely to accomplish in the future?

In addition to providing a factual representation of your background, your resume serves as an advertisement.  The more effective your 30-second commercial, the more the customer—the employer—will want to buy the expertise you’re selling.

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