June 25, 2024
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About Us

Thank you for considering Belcher & Associates.  As an experienced professional, you have a proven track record of getting the job done.     We get the job done as well.  If you are ready to advance your career to the next level or simply looking for new challenges, we look forward to working with you.

Since January 1999, we continue to help hiring managers, plus experienced professionals and their families make smart employment decisions today which are appreciated as even better decisions tomorrow.

Doing the right thing is good business.       We locate and assist experienced professionals who are a good fit for an employer’s specific needs and unique culture.  And we know that these employers desire to hire and invest in an experienced professional for a term of at least several years.  Accordingly, we focus on providing our candidates with opportunities to consider jobs that make good sense for them and their families, such that longer term employment is likely -- a true win-win situation.  Given the high cost of employment turnover for both the employer and employee, we know that good employment decisions enhance everyone's bottom-line.  See Win-win Approach.

Our process is not complicated but proven.

First, we listen carefully. We serve an employer well by carefully listening to the specific needs and desires of the hiring manager AND the experienced candidates with whom we work. As such, our candidates are as important to our ongoing success as our most valued clients (employers).

Second, we are straight-forward in our communicationwith youthroughout the screening and interviewing process. 

Third, we have a sense of urgency and a commitment to quality service. We work to make prompt use of our specialized resources and contacts on your behalf.

Fourth, we rely on our previous hands-on work experience in accounting / finance.  We understand the needs of employers and our experienced candidates.  It does make a difference.

For all of us at Belcher & Associates, the bottom line in our service consists of good communication, integrity, and hard work - we simply get the basics right. Let us put our experience to work for you.

Why Us

Why are countless professionals making Belcher & Associates their first and often only choice among recruiting firms?    Testimonials.

1.  Access:    A substantial number of jobs are not advertised on the big job boards.  We speak daily with hiring managers in locations across the United States in our search for the best job opportunities.    The Hidden Job Market.

2.  No Fee:    We are compensated exclusively by our client companies.  As a candidate, you pay no fee.  Nonetheless, you are as important to our success as our most valued client companies.  Our fee is either:

a.)    Contingent upon your successful hire, and comes with our guarantee of the placement; or

b.)    Paid at each incremental step of a Retained search in which our firm is retained exclusively by the employer to conduct the search. 

3.  Privacy:    Your privacy is important to us.  We are discreet in our communication, and contact you when, where, and how you’ve requested.  We are careful not to disclose information that may identify you until we receive your permission.    Privacy.

4.  Maximize Your Time:    You maximize time and prevent missed opportunities by allowing us to serve you as an ongoing and reliable set of eyes and ears.  We’re in the employment market throughout each work day so you don’t have to be.  We contact you only when we find a better opportunity for you to consider, regardless of whether you’re actively searching for employment or just interested in knowing when that better opportunity comes along.

5.  Timely Insight and Useful Feedback:    We take the time necessary to understand your employment goals and provide you with timely, straight-forward insight on the marketability of your skill-set and work experience.  We may suggest proven ideas for your resume and interview process.  And because we know company cultures and job expectations, we may provide insight to help you determine if a position is truly in your best interest, both now and down the road.  After the job interview, we provide constructive feedback.

Already have your dream job?

Many professionals already have a good job.  Still, we are often able to help them find something even better. Give us a chance to do the same for you.

Also, we encourage you to share this information with a friend – someone who may be very receptive to confidentially hearing about some better employment opportunities.  See E-mail This Page
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