July 19, 2024
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Comments received from candidates who have worked with Belcher & Associates: 

  • Thanks.  You were great to work with.  While grateful for my many years at (Big 4 firm), now, after my first year since leaving, I can say that this new opportunity you placed me in locally has been a terrific fit for me with a great balance of continued professional growth, and great work environment.  My family and I certainly appreciate the significant bump up in compensation, plus the strong work/life balance commitment and flexibility.

  • … straight shooter, very open, honest – did not blow smoke or try stringing me along like recruiters in other firms.  Placed me with a great company.

  • I was not searching for a job.  When your recruiter called me eight months earlier, I already had a good job that I enjoyed.  Was not even looking elsewhere.  But now, I’m in my absolute dream job.  I’m so delighted that your recruiter called, did not waste my time, but kept me in mind and updated from time to time, and then called with the heads-up about a new job that was being created – and the one I’m enjoying now.

  • … presented me better and truer than anyone else before, and I can tell when a recruiter has or has not taken time to get to know me and my background.  Changing jobs is stressful enough.  However, the process was good with Belcher & Associates.

  • … gave me quality feedback and answers to my questions.  And when he called me, I liked taking his call because he’s on the ball and calls prepared.  Not everyone is like that.  I actually happened to get a great job through a former co-worker, but I’m going to be recommending my recruiter at Belcher & Associates to others.

  • Two things:  he’s always calm and collected, informative, but not pushy; and he does what he says he will do.

  • … is very proactive, keeps me informed, and remains respectful and personable.  I liked working with him, and plan on staying in touch.

  • … contacted me soon after receiving my registration and did not spend time on empty chit-chat.  I liked that right from the start he kept my individual needs in mind throughout the search for a job that was the all-around fit for me and also for the company that he introduced me to.  It’s working out well.

  • … gave me pretty regular updates until placing me with a good company.  He still contacts me from time to time seeing how I’m doing.  Like I told him, keep up the good work.  A recruiting firm like Belcher is sorely needed these days.  Finally, I have a truly good recruiter who I can feel good about recommending to other people I know.

  • I did not use Belcher & Associates, but wanted to comment anyway.  Your recruiter got back in touch with me soon after I completed the registration piece.  Discussed employment options with me, but said that Belcher does very little recruiting work in my specialization.  Wish I had more of an accounting and finance background.  Still, my recruiter suggested a few helpful things to consider trying in my search, and seemed sincere in wishing me the best.  I was laid off two months ago and really appreciate the encouragement and additional input.

  • … stayed in touch with me throughout my job search and after about two months, finally introduced me to two good job opportunities.  Glad I waited, and it helped to be kept informed and updated along the way.  I did not feel like just another number – something that I felt with a couple of other recruiters.

  • … had already read my registration submission before he called me.  He did his homework along the way, listened to me, and was discreet when contacting me.  I expect these things with the people with whom I work.  Also, I like the new job.  Thanks.

  • In 12 years of work experience, I’ve spoken with a few good recruiters, and many with whom I do not want to communicate, i.e. waste my time with.  Your recruiter is far and away above average – a real pleasure to work with.

  • …. was objective, and helped give me pointers on my resume and interview preparation.  He challenged my thinking on a few things, but no pressure either.  He really seemed to care to find a job that was good for me and the employer.  Also, my recruiter helped with tips on relocation planning as well.  I just can’t thank him enough for helping make this new job come through for me and my family.
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