July 19, 2024
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Thank You Letter:  Sample I






624 Chantilly Drive
Knoxville, TN  37901
August 2, 20XX




Ms. Emilie Swain, CPA
VP Finance & Administration
XYZ Company, Inc.
1234 Liberty Avenue
Charlotte, NC  28201


Ms. Swain:


Thank you for taking the time to meet with me in your office at 3:30 PM on Thursday, August 1, 20XX, in regard to the position of corporate controller.  Given that this position reports directly to you, I appreciate your specific insights as to the key needs, challenges, and opportunities pertaining to this position.  In addition, I enjoyed meeting with other members of the company:  John Pender, Sondra Cox, and Barry Chu.


Please know that as a result of these interviews at XYZ Company, I came away with a strong interest in contributing to the company as it’s corporate controller.  My interview conversations confirmed many real-world examples of XYZ’s corporate culture and work environment, and its stated commitment to the support of continuing professional education, excellent employee benefits across the board, etc.  As a result, I better understand the exceptional commitment of XYZ employees to their company’s success.


Moreover, I am more confident that my recent executive MBA education, plus professional certification as a CPA, and mix of public accounting and similar industry experience have ideally prepared me to excel in this key role as corporate controller and as part of the team at XYZ Company.  Allow me to add that in my conversation with Barry Chu, he mentioned that the company is in the early stage of assessing new software – a process with which I have a good bit of hands-on experience.  I was initially exposed to elements of this while in public accounting, and then spearheaded the entire process at ABC Company.  In fact, one of the partners of the company’s external Big 4 audit firm complemented the results of our efforts in overcoming a number of challenges.


In closing, allow me to mention that my wife and I have further discussed a potential relocation to the Charlotte area in case this opportunity develops further.  Again, her parents are located in nearby Gastonia, NC.  We know and like the Charlotte area quite a bit.  Please feel free to contact me at 704-123-4567 (home), or my recruiter, Ben Morrison, if you need additional information.  Thank you again for your time and consideration.




Paul Symore


Paul Symore, CPA, MBA  






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