July 19, 2024
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How to Evaluate a Job Offer
by Robert Belcher


Let’s assume your employment interview went well, and there’s sincere and mutual interest on both sides.   You now need to decide two things:  first, whether the new position is right for you;  and if so, what sort of offer you’d be willing to accept.  To help in the decision-making process, take the following test as a way to compare the two positions.


Position Comparison Guide
Directions:   Compare the new job with what you already have.  Score each item on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 representing your preferred ideal for that item.  Add up the scores in each column and compare. 


Old job

New job

  Element under consideration



  Position title



  Supervisory responsibility



  Project authority



  Decision-making autonomy



  Freedom to implement ideas



  Ability to affect change



  Promotion potential



  Challenge of tasks



  Ability to meet expectations



  Access to professional development



  Professional growth potential



  Company/industry growth



  Company/industry stability



  Starting salary, benefits, perks



  Future compensation



  Commuting distance



  Travel requirements



  Work environment



  Rapport with co-workers



  Rapport with management



  Comfort with corporate culture



  Other considerations (specify)






  Total score:  New job vs. old job


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