July 19, 2024
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8 Keys to Success with Belcher & Associates
Factors Having the Most Influence upon your Marketability 

Our recruiting managers assess whether you are likely to be a good overall fit to one or more jobs and specific employers.  The first step is to promptly and carefully review your online registration.  Subsequent communication and a well-designed system help us continue to keep you in mind as we search for your ideal job. 

FYI:  The following items are the primary determining factors we use in predicting a successful (active or passive) job search for you through Belcher & Associates:

  • Skill set / Work experience
  • Resume / Interview preparation
  • Timing
  • Geography
  • Stability of employment history
  • Realistic expectations
  • Straight-forward communication
  • Attitude
  1. Skill set / Work experience / Education / Certification:

These are the basics, and some combinations are in higher demand than others.  The important point to remember is that we are good at helping leverage your unique strengths and we consider you in relation to the short-term and intermediate-term (3-5 year) needs of each job and employer.  We can often point out a good fit with a particular job that on the surface you many not have considered.

  1. Resume / Interview Preparation:

Far too many people overestimate their level of resume and interview preparedness.  You need a powerful resume.  And being well-prepared for a telephone and/or in-person interview is essential as well.  For help, we encourage a visit to our Career Resources.

  1. Timing:

What is the timeframe in which you seek to make a change in employment?  The sooner you let us know, the sooner we are able to invite you to consider one or more great jobs – the type of job to which you want to be alerted.

And speaking of time, it can often seem like it is a job in itself to find an ideal job.  That’s where we come in.  We maximize time and serve as an ongoing and reliable set of eyes and ears for you in the employment market.  All the while, you maintain your privacy and remain focused on other demands for your time.

Note:  A general rule of thumb is that time involved in finding an ideal job opportunity may take one month for each $10,000 in anticipated salary.  Accordingly, it is almost always better to have a job while searching for your more ideal job.  And working with an experienced, integrity-driven recruiter can help reduce this search time.  You may be able to consider an ideal employment opportunity immediately, in two weeks, in one month, six months from now, etc.  So the sooner you let us know, the better.

  1. Geography:

Naturally speaking, the larger the area in which you are seriously open to being considered for employment, the more job opportunities we are likely to invite you to consider.  If you are seriously open to relocation, or if you are already planning on either relocation or a site-visit to a specific area, it is important that you let us know right away so that we can consider you for job opportunities in these other areas as well.  Remember, a good many of the employers with which we work offer very reasonable relocation assistance.

  1. Stability of Employment History:

Generally, the more stable your employment history, the better for you.   Most employers are seeking to invest in and retain their employees for at least several years, so they are inclined to seek a professional who has a track record of sticking around for at least 2-3 years per job.  For employment histories that appear less stable on the surface, depending on the situation, we are usually still  in a position to be able to help you consider some good job opportunities which you may not otherwise be aware. 

  1. Realistic Expectations:

a.)  Annual Salary:    The higher your starting salary is, the higher our fee is to the hiring employer, so it’s always in our interest to work for the win-win

Objectively stated, your salary expectation needs to be realistic for the marketplace.  Salary is just one of many important factors for both the hiring company and employment candidate.  As indicated on the home page, the vast majority of experienced professionals / candidates with whom we work take a careful approach to evaluating a potential job offer.  For them, an “ideal job” is more than title, duties, and money.

We will encourage you to carefully weigh the full range of reasons that contribute to a job being a good fit, both short-term and longer-term.  For example, it is critical to consider and be realistic regarding the effect of various factors, such as cost-of-living differences between locations, other benefits, professional development and training, promotion opportunities, commute time, work environment, etc.  For more information, please see our Career Resources.

b.)  Values and Preferences:    We match your values and preferences to what we know of the expectations, common practices, beliefs, culture, and work environment that actually exists at each employer for which we are considering you. 

  7.  Straight-forward Communication:  

Communication delays are poison to a job search.  So initially, it is vital for each experienced professional / candidate with whom we work to complete the Online Registration, and soon thereafter include submission of his/her resume.  This gets the ball rolling.  And just as people expect us to promptly return telephone calls and/or e-mails, please know that we have the same high standard for ourselves.  Likewise, we can best serve you when you promptly communicate and follow-up with us.

  8.  Attitude:

Last, but not least among these factors is attitude.  It’s a choice we make every day – to have a positive, constructive attitude.  We welcome the same from those with whom we work.

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